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How to put your child to bed easily
without tantrums, tears, coaxing or manipulations.
All you need to do is:
  • open up the book
  • switch on a flashlight
  • turn off the lights
Get Shadow
Play Book
How you entertain children before bedtime
Children watch cartoons on TV
or play on screen gadgets
You read ordinary books
with familiar fairytales in a tired mumble
Going to bed usually means
screaming, tears, coaxing and manipulations of the tit-for-tat sort
Cominghome tired,
you feel too exhausted to read fairytales or spend much time with your child
«My daughter Agnia would invent 1001 ways to put off bedtime. When we came up with the idea of the Shadow Theater, going to bed became a joy! My daughter is enthusiastic about the coming night as she waits for a fascinating performance.»
What is the Shadow Play performance book?
Every night you and your child will immerse yourselves in a fascinating world of fairy tale shadows.
Watch a two-minute video about the book and find out why children like the show.
A user-friendly pop-up book in a beautiful box
Makes a great gift at any children’s party
Each box contains one show from the Shadow Play series
Why my book is more interesting and useful than ordinary fairy tales
How a simple idea improves the daily life of your child
It protects eyesight
Your child’s eyes get relaxed from staring at the TV screen and mobile gadgets
It improves memory and develops imagination
Little wizards build their own world, memorize characters and invent new ones
It trains speech
Your child tells a fairy tale himself/herself and makes up interesting dialogues
It pacifies before sleep
You watch silhouettes without hurry; your child relaxes and falls asleep more quickly.
It is 100% fascinating
Every night your child looks forward to the beginning of a new performance.
It unites the whole family
This is special time for you and your child. You get closer and come to know better each other, and you understand your baby.
My daughter and I have come up with three ways to view this book
It is much more interesting to read fairy tales in the dark
Open up the pop-up book to the full width and place it on a flat surface.
Turn off the lights, make yourselves comfortable with the book and shine your flashlight onto the pages.
Bring the light closer to the illustration and move it back until you get a clear-cut shadow on the wall.
Place your smartphone on yourself or on the bed with its flashlight upwards and hold the book above it.
Shadows will be projected onto the ceiling.
The spectators view the performance lying on their backs – this is the most effective way to get your child to fall asleep.
Turn on the lights and turn over the pages as in an ordinary book, viewing the silhouettes of the main characters.
How you can add sound to the book for your child
Tell a well-known fairy tale yourself
or suggest that your child tries it
Play an audiobook
listen with your child and follow the plot by illustrations
If you cannot remember all details of a story,
read full texts of the fairy tales
«Agnia and I like to take turns reading fairy tales, with each of us reading out one picture.
Sometimes we pretend we are different characters and role-play – this is what our daddy especially likes»
Author of the idea of the Shadow Theater children’s book
My name is Natalia Andreeva How I came up with the idea Each night, before going to bed, my daughter and I make sure to read a book. One time we were rereading Andersen’s «Thumbelina» and examining the illustrations. When I switched off the lights, my daughter asked me to show her a shadow theater.

There were only little rabbits, birds and dogs in the performance, and Agnia suggested adding a new character – Thumbelina. I could not act her out using my fingers. Bingo! The shadow book was conceived within a few minutes. All that was left to do was making the idea reality, a task that I took on with pleasure. Great plans We now have five ready fairy tales that both children and adults are delighted to view. Our plans include creating new books of the series and publishing a bigger print run. Your ideas are welcome :)
Production stages: from a simple idea to the final outcome
How we have managed to create such magic
It made a long way from coming up with the idea to its implementation.
For half a year I kept replaying in my head the images of homely nights in the magic world of fairy before I held in my hands a perfect prototype of the Shadow Theater. Production technology is not simple. Each copy of the book is individually laser-cut and glued by hand.
The book is illustrated by Mikhail Boikov.
An artist capable of conveying all facets of a character’s personality in a silhouette.
A handy performance book. You do not have to cut or glue anything yourself.
Why our book has won parents’ and children’s hearts so quickly
Children are excited
  • Each night a new story
  • Fairy tale characters come to life in the dark
  • Your child can invent a plot by himself/herself
  • No more fear of the dark
Parents like it too
  • A ready-made solution for every day
  • Kind-hearted fairy tales instead of today’s senseless cartoons
  • Children fall asleep calmly and quickly
  • The whole family can get involved
Choose your favorite fairy tale
Books for children aged 1.5 and above
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Give your friends and acquaintances a present
Shadow Play books help your child fall asleep faster,
stay unafraid of the dark and look forward to the coming night’s fascinating performance.
Present your child with a genuine fairy tale for him/her to take part in.
Get Shadow
Play Book